We are a team. We are a community. We are a family.

Raising Cane is a community of Athletes dedicated to pushing the sport to new heights using creativity, competition, and connection.

Team Riders’ are comprised of committed individuals that are driven on and off their boards and pride themselves on achieving their goals.

Team Riders

Raising Cane is the brainchild of Chip Walter and Jorge Moral


Chip Walter


Chip is a team rider for both SSUP and SUP. He has competed in numerous endurance competitions around the country and continues to push the sports to new heights. He has participated in many grueling competitions that challenge its participants both mentally and physically. Notable achievements are the 200 mile club and the Everglades challenge, Chief Ladiga Trail and the 24 Hour Ultra Skate event in Miami, Fl. His passion for these sports carry over into his personal interaction with the community and he is involved with numerous philanthropic institutions.


Jorge Moral


Coming from Stand up Paddleboarding and loving the SUP community vibe, Jorge Moral, was introduced to Street Sup through Chip Walter. Starting to meet such a great crowd in the Longboard/skate community and meeting Joner Strauss from the IDSA, International Distance Skate Association, also, Deejay Pascua, from Westssup. This felt like such a great place to have some more fun. Teaming up with Chip, Raising Cane boards started to develop, with the mission of becoming part of a great SSUP/ longboard/skate/sup community. No boundaries as far as our fun can go. Our team riders started to fall in just the same, keeping the fun going. As our boards kept changing and developing into its own and our  community vibe kept growing, we began to fire on all cylinders. We are going to continue to build a rocking community, rocking boards and rocking products.

Get out there and Raise Cane!!!!


Dekai Navarro

Team Rider

Born 5/7/99 Dekai first picked up skating just one year ago.  She is now starting to push the limits of what a young skater can accomplish.  Though she is learning and skating in different disciplines , she is currently focused on Long Distance Pushing.  Killer instincts and love for skating make hours at a time fly by.
Big things to come from this young lady!


Sarah Rassieur

Team Rider

I have been skateboarding and longboarding for ten years, competitively for four years.  I am locally sponsored by Tite Longboards and Raising Cane and I participate in many sanctioned races with ISDA.  Some of my accomplishments include; winning first for the women’s category at the Chief Ladiga Trail 188 mile push race, first for women’s at the Centennial trail, participant at the South Beach bomb for two years, first for women’s at the Port St. Lucie push race.  You can usually find me pushing down A1A in Ft. Lauderdale.  Dancing, bombing a hill, pushing will all my might, and parks, no matter what I am skating or how I know it is the only time I completely stop thinking and simply feel good.


Jorge Navarro

Team Rider

Jorge is a surfer, SUPer and Skater.  With both his girls sponsored athletes in skate and SUP, he lives a busy lifestyle of travel and training.  He is all about having fun and new experiences.  He travels around in his 1985 Westfalia nicknamed “Brownie”  with his family and dog to races all over the country.  Keeping the dream alive.

Alex Pelky

Team Rider




Lizi Ruiz

Jamie Read

Evey Hammond